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info material

Exhibition flyer

Discover one of the most spectacular construction projects in Europe at InfoTurmStuttgart.

Discover one of the most spectacular construction projects in Europe at InfoTurmStuttgart.

Exhibition brochure

All important information about the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is summarized compactly in our exhibition brochure.

All important information about the Stuttgart-Ulm Rail Project summarized compactly in our exhibition brochure.

Fact flyer

Current facts and figures for a quick overview of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project.

Route map - reorganization of the Stuttgart railroad junction

From Stuttgart-Mitte to Wendlingen, this leaflet clearly summarizes the route, tunnel constructions and bridges surrounding the Stuttgart 21 project.

Route map - Wendlingen-Ulm high-speed line

The high-speed line of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project runs from Wendlingen via the Albaufstieg and the Alb plateau directly to Ulm. This leaflet provides a detailed overview of the exact route.

DSD and DKS brochure

Digital Rail Germany and the associated Digital Node Stuttgart will revolutionize rail transport in Germany. This brochure provides background information, figures and technical details on the project.

Leaflet - The construction of the Filstal bridge

In Mühlhausen im Täle, not far from the town of Wiesensteig, one of the most exciting structures of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project has been built: the Filstal Bridge. This leaflet provides background information, figures and technical details on the construction.

Flyer site tours

Construction site flyer

All important information about the construction site tours for the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project.

Cover magazine

Reference Issue 40 | April 2024

INTERVIEW The balance sheet of Group representative Thorsten Krenz

TOPIC Stocktaking around the new Stuttgart rail hub

INTERVIEW Interesting plans for the future Rosenstein district

Reference Issue 39 | November 2023

REPORTAGE The Seele company and the first light eyes for Stuttgart 21

ESSAY How the bark beetle provides special protection for old oak trees

TOPIC Stories from construction: long-distance and weekly commuters tell their stories

Reference Issue 38 | July 2023

INTERVIEW A Swiss traffic expert looks enviously to Stuttgart

REPORTAGE How nature benefits from compensatory measures

TOPIC Digital future technology makes its way into the region's rail network

Cover Issue 37 | April 2023

PORTRAIT Stuttgart 21 will soon change the heart of the city

REPORTAGE Interior views of the construction site at Stuttgart Airport

TOPIC Regional liability brings new perspectives to Merklingen

Cover Issue 36 | December 2022

INTERVIEW Deutsche Bahn CEO Dr. Richard Lutz on the mobility of the future

REPORTAGE On three different routes from Wendlingen to Ulm

PORTRAIT Ten years at the Filstal Bridge: an engineer tells the story

Reference Issue 35 | July 2022

TOPIC Time travel with a construction site guide who convinces with conviction

PORTRAIT The foreman of the project partner Verband Region Stuttgart

INTERVIEW Project manager Olaf Drescher looks back on an eventful career

REPORTAGE Two eras in one project: diesel locomotive "Ludmilla" and test ICE

Cover Issue 34 | April 2022

TOPIC The district of the future on the railroad tracks of the past

PORTRAIT With the power of experience and the foundation of family: Walter Wittke

INTERVIEW Stuttgart's housing prospects from Mayor Pätzold's perspective

REPORTAGE Bruno Steinle and the first trains on the high-speed line to Ulm

Cover Issue 33 | November 2021

TOPIC One year to go until the Wendlingen-Ulm high-speed line is launched

PORTRAIT The Seele company and the striking light eyes for S21

INTERVIEW State Transport Minister Hermann on new mobility

REPORTAGE How specialists go under a bridge at the port

Cover Issue 32 | July 2021

TOPIC The fascination of the superlative Filstal bridge

INTERVIEW Mister S-Bahn Jürgen Wurmthaler about Stuttgart 21

REPORTAGE Encounter of a special kind with the Neckar River

PORTRAIT Michael Pradel has the big picture in mind

Cover Issue 31 | April 2021

REPORTAGE Triad of formwork, steel and concrete - a chalice support is created

TOPIC Modern technology enables train traffic at a different level

REPORTAGE 345 meter long Neckar bridge opened for bicycle traffic

DOUBLE INTERVIEW Architect and city leader discuss Stuttgart 21

Cover Issue 30 | November 2020

REPORTAGE Between railroad romanticism and the future of mobility

TOPIC How the S-Bahn benefits from the Stuttgart 21 project

INTERVIEW Olaf Drescher on a milestone in the transport revolution

PORTRAIT Special angles of a large project up close

Cover Issue 29 | August 2020

REPORTAGE The great rail laying on the Swabian Alb

TOPIC A traffic hub for the country is being built at the airport

INTERVIEW Walter Schoefer on the prospects for the airport

PORTRAIT André Reinhardt is master of the Stuttgart 21 tunnels

Cover Issue 28 | April 2020

TOPIC From the station tower to the building pit: an exhibition moves

REPORTAGE The north end of the future main station

INTERVIEW State Secretary Bilger on major projects and Stuttgart 21

PORTRAIT Günter Osthoff, civil engineer with passion

Cover Issue 27 | November 2019

REPORTAGE Busy construction site between airport and Wendlingen

INTERVIEW Regional President Thomas Bopp on Stuttgart 21

REPORTAGE Theater project under the chalice pillars at the main station

TOPIC At the Filder Tunnel SUSE has finished its work

Cover Issue 26 | August 2019

PORTRAIT The pioneering work of the iron weavers from the Bosporus

TOPIC 25 years ago the idea of Stuttgart 21 was born

INTERVIEW Georg Brunnhuber takes stock at the end of his term of office

REPORTAGE The Albvorland Tunnel is well on schedule

Cover Issue 25 | April 2019

REPORTAGE On the Alb the masts for the railroad line are mounted

PORTRAIT For 20 years, the lawyer Peter Schütz has been looking after Stuttgart 21

REPORTAGE How a goblet support becomes a model case

TOPIC The Bonatz Building is transformed into a new traffic cathedral

Cover Issue 24 | December 2018

REPORTAGE A workplace high above the Filstal bridge

INTERVIEW The new ombudsman of the city of Stuttgart

TOPIC Elaborate construction: the goblet supports for Stuttgart 21

PORTRAIT Stefan Kielbassa delivered on time

Cover Issue 23 | August 2018

REPORTAGE Resounding success in the Boßlertunnel on the Alb

PORTRAIT A zeppelin flies over Stuttgart 21

TOPIC The railroad boss as a guest at the ceremony in the valley basin

INTERVIEW 20th anniversary of the Tower Forum at the main station

Cover Issue 22 | March 2018

REPORTAGE The new Neckar Bridge at Rosenstein Park

TOPIC The two city tunnels - main arteries of Stuttgart 21

INTERVIEW Olaf Drescher completes the management team

PORTRAIT Four faces of the construction sites between Stuttgart and Ulm

Cover Issue 21 | November 2017

Anniversary issue of the project magazine

PORTRAIT Stephan Godel is the master of concrete

REPORTAGE Outstanding in the best sense of the word: the Filstal Bridge

TOPIC Renaturation starts at the Steinbühl Tunnel

Cover Issue 20 | July 2017

PORTRAIT How the goblet supports shape the main station

INTERVIEW Railroad board member Ronald Pofalla on Stuttgart

TOPIC The new SSB stop Staatsgalerie PAGE 22

REPORTAGE Two tunnel boring giants in Kirchheim/Teck

Cover Issue 19 | March 2017

REPORTAGE Fascination Stuttgart 21: young professionals help to build

INTERVIEW Railroad Board Member Huber on the future offensive

PORTRAIT Tunneling engineer Walter Wittke and his son Martin

TOPIC How the high-speed line is changing the region around Ulm

Cover Issue 18 | November 2016

REPORTAGE Foundation stone laid for station of the future

INTERVIEW Prime Minister Kretschmann on Stuttgart 21

REPORTAGE At the highest and lowest point of the rail project

TOPIC Construction site run five years after the referendum

Reference Issue 17 | July 2016

PORTRAIT Whom the mountain calls: Martin Herrenknecht

TOPIC Bridge construction for Stuttgart 21

INTERVIEW Economic Development Manager Walter Rogg

REPORTAGE Käthchen in the boßlertunnel

Cover Issue 16 | April 2016

TOPIC Species protection at Stuttgart 21: relocation of lizards

INTERVIEW Ulm's new mayor Gunter Czisch on the rail project

REPORTAGE 30,000 visitors at the construction site open days

PORTRAIT The "Magistrale for Europe" initiative thinks big

Cover Issue 15 | December 2015

REPORTAGE Christoph Ingenhoven and the cup supports for Stuttgart 21

INTERVIEW What Mayor Fritz Kuhn thinks of the project

TOPIC Breakthrough at Steinbühl Tunnel after only 28 months of construction time

PORTRAIT Europe's largest rock tiller stirs up plenty of dust

Cover Issue 14 | September 2015

TOPIC Looking down the tube at Stuttgart 21

REPORTAGE Made-to-measure concrete: the segments for the tunnel

INTERVIEW SPD Parliamentary Group Leader Claus Schmiedel on Political Lessons Learned

PORTRAIT The project managers Michael Pradel and Günter Osthoff

Cover Issue 13 | June 2015

REPORTAGE The Gaeubahn and the Stuttgart 21 project

TOPIC The church congress in the Swabian state capital

INTERVIEW Manfred Leger on the current construction progress

ESSAY Why congestion-plagued Stuttgart needs fast rail

Cover Issue 12 | March 2015

REPORTAGE Ton for ton: the logistics of the Stuttgart 21 project

PORTRAIT The earthly deputies of St. Barbara

INTERVIEW The IHK presidents from Stuttgart and Ulm in conversation

TOPIC The ecological relocation of the Lindach river in the Alb foreland

Cover Issue 11 | December 2014

REPORTAGE Stuttgart's main station between pits and tracks

TOPIC Prognos study on the southern axis raises eyebrows

INTERVIEW DB CEO Rüdiger Grube on the mobility of tomorrow

PORTRAIT Episode 3 of the series about the engineers of the project

Cover Issue 10 | September 2014

REPORTAGE The miners from the Alpine Republic

INTERVIEW Former Minister of Transport Ulrich Müller on Stuttgart 21

TOPIC Historic opportunity for urban development in the state capital

PORTRAIT Series about the engineers of the project, episode 2

Reference Issue 9 | July 2014

REPORTAGE Ready to go on the Fildern: the XXL drilling machine

TOPIC The region around Ulm is building on Stuttgart 21

REPORTAGE From the everyday life of the station mission

PORTRAIT Series about the engineers of the project

Cover Issue 8 | April 2014

PORTRAIT Gerhard Heimerl, the planner behind Stuttgart 21

INTERVIEW State Secretary Murawski on species protection

REPORTAGE By bus to the construction sites Page 26

TOPIC Ecological compensation on the Alb: 120,000 plants

Cover Issue 7 | December 2013

REPORTAGE The new hub on the Filder

TOPIC Alliance for a barrier-free Stuttgart 21

INTERVIEW Martin Randelhoff on the traffic of the future

PORTRAIT President of the State Parliament Guido Wolf

Cover Issue 6 | October 2013

REPORTAGE The fireworks of the miners

INTERVIEW Wolfgang Schuster on sustainability

TOPIC The locomotive workshop makes way for Stuttgart 21

PORTRAIT The politician Oswald Metzger

Cover Issue 5 | July 2013

REPORTAGE The tunnel construction site at the Albaufstieg

INTERVIEW Peter Ramsauer on Stuttgart 21

PORTRAIT Airport CEO Georg Fundel

ESSAY A student looks to the near future

Cover Issue 4 | March 2013

REPORTAGE Stuttgart 21 the Viennese way

PORTRAIT Christoph Ingenhoven, architect in demand

TOPIC The new exhibition world in the Turmforum Page 18

INTERVIEW The Minister for the Environment: Franz Untersteller

Cover Issue 3 | December 2012

PORTRAIT The drilling giant for Stuttgart 21

REPORTAGE Once Paris and back

ESSAY Good sides, bad sides

INTERVIEW EU Coordinator Balázs

Cover Issue 2 | September 2012

REPORTAGE Stuttgart 21 and the bridges into the country

ESSAY The lonely planner

INTERVIEW The patrons and the major project

PORTRAIT A hotel stands over it

Reference Issue 1 | May 2012

REPORTAGE In the test tunnel for Stuttgart 21

ESSAY The spirit of the great project

INTERVIEW Ingo Rust and Volker Kefer

PORTRAIT The construction site mole

Theo & LEO

Theo & Leo | Issue 2021

Theo, Leo and Cleo move in

Theo and Leo, the two station mice, move into their new home in the InfoTurm Stuttgart (ITS) - the exhibition about Stuttgart 21. The move is managed by cousin Cleo.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2018

Theo and Leo and Cleo are moving!

This year the Turmforum turns 20 and together with Theo, Leo and Cleo we remember some great events of the last years.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2017

Theo and Leo and Cleo underground

This year, our tower mouse Leo goes into the Stuttgart 21 tunnels together with cousin Cleo: While Theo prepares everything for the upcoming summer party in the tower commune, Leo and Cleo distribute the invitations to the workers underground.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2016

Theo and Leo travel through time

Our two tower mice Theo and Leo go on an exciting adventure and you can accompany them. Travel with our mice into the future and take a look at the new Stuttgart Central Station.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2015

Theo and Leo clean up

There's a lot of stress in Theo and Leo's place: they've just finished remodeling the living room, and the big annual summer party is just around the corner... tonight, in fact.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2014

Theo and Leo and the tunnel boring machine

If you think that our tower mice Theo and Leo enjoy a quiet life in their shared apartment, you're wrong. They are constantly working on new things. Recently, for example, Theo, who is a technophile, has turned the flat into a radio station.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2013

Theo and Leo celebrate ten-year anniversary

Has it really been 10 years since Leo moved into the station tower with his cousin Theo? Indeed... how quickly time flies!

Theo & Leo | Edition 2012

Theo and Leo meet Max

It's a beautiful sunny day and Leo is busy decorating the walls. He is preparing an exhibition.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2011

On the road with Theo and Leo

Accompanies Theo and Leo with the Infomobile, which travels all over the
Baden-Württemberg informed about Stuttgart 21.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2010

With Theo and Leo in the tower

Theo and Leo, the two tower mice from Stuttgart Central Station, are on their way to the cinema. The new film by Steven Wühlberg is supposed to be pretty exciting, and the two don't want to miss it.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2009

With Theo and Leo and Cleo in the tower

Summer vacation at last. And because Cleo wants to experience something, she visits her two cousins Theo and Leo in Stuttgart.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2008

With Theo and Leo in the tower

The tower mice Theo and Leo get a visitor: Pascal arrives by TGV from Paris.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2007

With Theo and Leo in the tower 

A big party is taking place at Stuttgart's main train station. Theo and Leo, the two tower mice, have a really hard time picking up their visitor from the track.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2006

With Theo and Leo in the tower - Now with Cleo

A beautiful summer day at Stuttgart's main train station. Theo and Leo from the Mäuse-WG are relaxing today with a round of mouse hunting on the console. Until the phone rings unexpectedly.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2005

With Theo and Leo around tower

Theo and Leo are enjoying a hot summer day on the terrace of their tower apartment. Then they get an unexpected visit from a hawk.

Theo & Leo | Edition 2004

Theo and Leo in the tower

Theo, the tower mouse, lives in the station tower in Stuttgart. Today he gets a visit from his cousin Leo from the countryside.