The rail project

Two subprojects and many advantages: The Stuttgart-Ulm rail project comprises Stuttgart 21 and the new Wendlingen-Ulm line.

Stuttgart 21 is more than just a train station

The Stuttgart 21 subproject involves the reorganization of Stuttgart's rail hub with four new stations and around 57 kilometers of new track. Stuttgart's terminus station will become an efficient through station - at the same time, Stuttgart will have an opportunity of the century in terms of urban development: The old rail tracks can be completely removed, and 85 hectares of land in the heart of the city center will be available for urban development.



Shorter travel times and more direct connections

The new Wendlingen-Ulm line, which is around 60 kilometers long, provides a fast and comfortable route across the Swabian Alb, and more than half of the route runs in tunnels. There will be numerous changes and improvements for Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg: Around 75 percent of Baden-Württemberg residents live in rural districts that will benefit from shorter travel times and more direct connections as a result of the rail project. In addition, the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is part of the important Paris-Bratislava European long-distance corridor, which is being upgraded to a high-speed route.

Travel times

Economya benefit both ecologically and for Baden-Württemberg

The rail network is being optimized for modern long-distance and regional traffic, bringing economic regions together both nationally and internationally. A more attractive city center and better infrastructure increase the locational quality of Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg. More jobs and more residents mean higher revenues for the city and state. The Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is also an ecological project: Studies have shown that Stuttgart 21 and the new line will shift millions of passenger trips from road to rail every year.

You can also find information about the project in our project brochure and the route maps for Stuttgart 21 and the new line in our Download area.