The Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is financially divided into two sections. The Stuttgart 21 section comprises the redesign of the Stuttgart rail junction and extends as far as Wendlingen. The second section is the high-speed line from there to Ulm.


The financing framework for the Stuttgart 21 project is 11.453 billion euros. Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the project partners are participating in the financing. It remains to be seen how large their respective shares of the financing will be in the end. As the client, Deutsche Bahn expects the state and the city to contribute to the additional costs as project partners (speech clause) and has sued the state and the city, among others, to protect its claim. The state and city do not recognize this claim. The Stuttgart Administrative Court dismissed Deutsche Bahn's claims on 07.05.2024. Deutsche Bahn is still of the opinion that the project partners must contribute to financing the additional costs of the Stuttgart 21 project. DB will therefore carefully examine the written reasons for the judgment and then decide whether to appeal against the first-instance judgment.


The funding framework for the Wendlingen-Ulm high-speed line sub-project is 3.985 billion euros. The majority of the costs will be borne by the federal government. Its contribution includes funding from the EU. The state is also contributing to the funding. The railroad also bears part of the costs.

You can find more detailed information about the financing on our Partner site.