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25,000 construction site visitors along the new line on more than 1,600 guided tours - anticipation of commissioning in four months on Dec. 11, 2022

The striking Filstal bridge was the start of the construction site tours along the new line. Photo:
Team leader Sebastian Heinel. Photo:
Last tour Filstalbrücke. Photo:
Last tour Filstalbrücke. Photo:

The association showed and explained the construction sites from Wendlingen am Neckar to Ulm to the guests directly on site.

On Sunday (July 31, 2022), the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project association led participants in a construction site tour across the Filstal bridge between Wiesensteig and Mühlhausen im Täle for the last time. This finally closes the chapter of the construction site tours along the new line after about eight years. "When we started our first guided tours of the construction site in spring 2014, none of the people involved knew that we would be so successful," sums up Sebastian Heinel, head of the visitor services team within the association. "We started with platforms and specially secured vantage points on the first construction site at the Steinbühl Tunnel. In the end, we were allowed to move around the construction site along safe paths. In this way, we were able to explain the construction activities and progress to people impressively and with facts directly on site." This was only possible, he said, through trusting and respectful dealings with the client, the companies involved and the foremen on the construction site. In addition, the association found a reliable and forward-looking partner in the Fischer bus company. After only a short time, the Swiss Postbus was "painted" in the colors of the association. This was because only this particular bus was able to cope with the steep incline to the high tunnel portals - sometimes in reverse gear.

The first hour of the tour, during which the basics of the project were taught, could thankfully take place in the container castles of the construction site in most cases. Clients and contractors quickly got used to the visitors from outside the construction site. The visitor service also received great support from the municipalities of Mühlhausen im Täle and Wiesensteig. Because there were no rooms for the introductory presentations on the construction site in the Filstal, these took place in the "Heimatzimmer" (Mühlhausen between 2017-2019) or the old school (Wiesensteig, 2019-2022).

"The Filstal Bridge has been the undisputed champion, the biggest hit with visitors over the last few years," Heinel recalls. "But our first guided tour was in Hohenstadt at the Steinbühl Tunnel." Equally impressive were the tours at the Albvorland Tunnel with the large stockpile of segments and the two tunnel boring machines, Sybille and WANDA. Work on the Albabstieg Tunnel could be observed in Dornstadt. In addition, those interested were able to experience the laying of the 120 meter long rails for the first time at this location. For a short time, the association also showed the carcass work by the intermediate attack teacher valley and from the information center Ulm.

"All employees identified with the project," Heinel concludes. "More than 15 guides were on duty at the construction sites along the route and are looking forward to the conclusion with one eye crying and one eye laughing. Because now we are looking forward to the commissioning of the first section of the rail project in December. After more than ten years of construction, the benefits are reaching the people. And that's what it's been about all along." In addition to the regular tours, numerous VIPs also came for special tours. For example, the guided tour to and about the Merklingen - Swabian Alb station was in high demand.

Numbers of tours in detail:

Name of the guide First and last tour Number of tours
Albvorland Tunnel 18.09.2017 - 08.12.2021 289
Filstal bridge 08.10.2017 - 31.07.2022 543
Steinbühl Tunnel 06.03.2014 - 07.12.2017 364
Alb descent tunnel 08.01.2015 – 29.08.2021 328
Special tours / Alb plateau 31.05.2016 - 22.07.2022 105
Total 1.629


Info block on guided tours:

Of course, the association maintains its construction site tour program in the Stuttgart 21 project area. Around 30 offers per week can be booked. Further information on the guided tour program at


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