News from 22.07.2016

Innovative, interactive and comprehensible: the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project association is also on the road to success with its concept in 2016

Record numbers of visitors to the exhibition and guided tours of the construction site - new website and virtual reality make visitors want to see more

The Stuttgart-Ulm rail project association is also on course for success in 2016 and is continuously welcoming more and more people to the Tower Forum and the construction site. "The rush of interested visitors that we recorded in our exhibitions and on the construction sites in the first half of the year is breaking all records," says a delighted Georg Brunnhuber, Chairman of the Verein Bahnprojekt Stuttgart-Ulm e.V. "This means that our concept of informing citizens about the rail project in an entertaining way is a complete success."


"Innovative, interactive and comprehensible are the specifications for all areas," Brunnhuber continues. "This applies to the exhibition in the Turmforum at Stuttgart Central Station, in the InfoCenter Ulm or in the InfoMobil, as well as to the guided tours of construction sites, with the aim of conveying the complex operational and construction interrelationships to visitors in an understandable and entertaining way." Infotainment and direct information on site are also the guidelines for the events at the construction sites, which have been successfully offered since 2012.

Figures (01.01.-30.06.2016)

In the first half of 2016, more than 130,000 visitors were counted at the Turmforum, the central exhibition platform for the rail project. "This means that 2016 could be the best year for visitors since the exhibition opened 18 years ago," predicts Brunnhuber. The previous year could also be exceeded in terms of guided tours through the exhibition (2016: 400) and on the construction site (2016:300). The visitor service organized around 1,300 guided tours in 2015. The 2016 events on the construction site were also attended by almost 50,000 interested visitors. This means we are right on track to reach the 100,000 visitor mark by the end of the year," says Brunnhuber.

News from the club

The association has redesigned its logo and website. They now also follow the concept specifications. At the offers can be booked clearly and entertainingly for interested visitors. Furthermore, three VR films ("VR" stands for virtual reality) take viewers directly into the tunnels, without dust and dirt, from the comfort of their own homes.

"Take a look at us and start your personal experience tour. Whether in the exhibition, on the construction site, or on our website," Georg Brunnhuber invites all those interested