News from 28.05.2020

InfoTurmStuttgart (ITS) supports sustainability and future projects

Photo: Festspielhaus Füssen
Benjamin Sahler
Christopher Brose
Daniel Mladenov
Kristin Backes
Stefanie Gröhning
Weller appetite for sustainability
Philipp Keil from the SEZ

Thanks to the heroes of the time - Together for sustainability and future topics - Festspielhaus Füssen and "Weller - Das Original" seal cooperation at ITS

Just in time for the end of the first visitor day, the first event in the new InfoTurmStuttgart (ITS) will take place on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 7:15 pm. In a small circle for invited guests under the motto "Thank you to the heroes of time" as well as the online fan community and other curious people, the musical performance and the outlook from the ITS will be made accessible to all interested parties via a livestream. Representing the numerous helpers in the past months who provided necessary services to the society, a few people are invited to the event, respecting the rules of distance: Nurses, the head of the Health Department of Stuttgart, the information coordinator administrative staff Corona virus from the Ministry of Social Affairs and representatives of the craft.

The artists, Christopher Brose¸ Stefanie Gröning and the musical newcomer stars Kristin Backes and Daniel Mladenov, who were freshly crowned in April, present famous melodies and excerpts from the Festspielhaus Füssen's own productions for the live act: "LUDWIG²", "Der RING" and "Die PÄPSTIN". As a special surprise, a first glimpse of the musical "Zeppelin" will be given, which will celebrate its world premiere at the Festspielhaus.

"The messages of the first event in the new exhibition building for the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project could not be more forward-looking," says the chairman of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project association, Bernhard Bauer, who also simultaneously thanks the two cooperation partners for the request to be the venue. "Sustainability, future and visionary thinking are topics that are shown here at ITS. New infrastructure, new neighborhoods and new technology for rail operations. These themes and more will have an impact far beyond our current time." Just as musicals and good food excite people, Bauer said, people will later enthusiastically say it was a wise decision to implement the new rail infrastructure with all of its related consequential themes. "If I could wish for something, if I could dream," Bauer adds in reference to the visionary Ludwig II, "then this: Let's make the InfoTurmStuttgart a place for discussion and exchange at eye level, so that people - and ultimately that's what matters - once again believe together in a good, shared future and are committed to it."

"The Dream King Ludwig stands for the experience that even today dreams can come true. We are grateful to have found a high-quality cooperation partner at eye level for the Festspielhaus Füssen in Weller - Das Original. Weller - Das Original has recognized the signs of the times with its unique, new own brand 'APPETITE FOR SUSTAINABILITY'," Benjamin Sahler, theater director of the Festspielhaus Füssen, is pleased about the new cooperation partner. "With this cooperation, the Festspielhaus Füssen is breaking new ground and musically complementing the regionally sustainable culinary delights of Weller - Das Original." He added that this marks the start of a series of glamorous joint events.

"The house 'Weller - Das Original' is honored to be able to go a common way with such strong partners", said managing director and owner Carsten Weller on the occasion of the opening of the Infotower Stuttgart. "We are starting together in great projects. Projects that enrich Stuttgart's people and the region, unite them and allow them to enter into dialogues. With over 50 years of experience and an unshakeable connection to Stuttgart, we firmly believe that only sustainably produced food is forward-looking and unavoidable. For us, sustainability means being committed to its partners as well as its city and region. With the ITS, a new 'place to be' is being created, which can be excellently combined with the topics of the future and sustainability. We thank our partners and especially Philipp Keil and Benjamin Sahler for this unique first event. And also for taking this new path together with us so courageously."

"We are very grateful to accompany Weller - Das Original at the event in the InfoTurmStuttgart and would like to support the ITS team, so that from this place of encounter, impulses for more international solidarity emanate," said Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg on the occasion of the evening. "Because the current crisis encourages us to see ourselves all as part of a collective. Only together can we overcome global challenges."

All can join the celebration online at:

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