News from 01.06.2019

Stuttgart 21 turns 25: Idea generators meet on the construction site

Photo: Reiner Pfisterer.

25 years ago, the then Federal Minister of Transport, Matthias Wissmann, the then Minister President of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Erwin Teufel, the then Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Hermann Schaufler, the then Lord Mayor of the State Capital Stuttgart, Manfred Rommel, and the then Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bahn AG, Heinz Dürr, presented the outline of ideas for the joint Stuttgart 21 project to the public.

Twenty-five years later, the project's idea creators, who are still alive, met under the chalice pillars on one of the future platforms at the Stuttgart train station construction site to find out about the current progress of the project: More than 100 of the 120 kilometers of tunnel for the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project have been driven, and the goblet supports that will form the roof of the future main station - the future Manfred Rommel Square - are growing in height.