News from 19.07.2017

#s21erleben - Bahnprojekt Stuttgart-Ulm e.V. wants to reach 20-40 year olds better via social media

As of today, the rail project can also be found on social media on Facebook and Instagram. With the two communication channels and the association Bahnprojekt Stuttgart-Ulm e.V. extends its contact possibilities with citizens.

"Facebook, as the largest social network in the world, offers a very good opportunity to reach younger people in particular," says Georg Brunnhuber, chairman of the association Bahnprojekt Stuttgart-Ulm e.V., explaining the social media launch. "Our experience shows that the time is ripe for this step. The rail project offers many positive emotional moments and professional insights that we would like to share. We've had positive experiences with this for years during our construction site tours and events - we now want to offer this on the web as well." This will further expand the direct line to the association's experience and infotainment offerings, he said. "The group of 20 to 40-year-olds are those who will benefit the most from the rail project. We are currently not reaching them in the way we would like. That's why we're focusing on Facebook and Instagram," Brunnhuber continues.

"We want to use the new communication channels to appeal in particular to young, Internet-savvy Stuttgart residents in an emotional environment," adds Tanja Sehner, Head of Marketing and Events. "Our concept aims to combine information with experience to create 'infotainment'. We want people to be able to find out about the opportunities to view the project up close. For example, as part of open site days, site tours or guided tours of the exhibition."

The platforms offer photos and videos, as well as interesting facts from the construction site, and event dates are also announced. "Via the social media channels, we can perceive moods in real time and respond to them immediately. This gives us direct feedback from users on the association's products," Sehner continues. He added that the rail project is an integral part of the city and Stuttgart's urban life - already today and certainly in the future. "There are so many exciting things to see and experience in the project and on the construction site - we want to make that accessible and tangible."

On Facebook and Instagram, there will be insights into the construction site and behind the construction fence, among other things by means of pictures from the construction site, drone flights, time-lapse films. Interesting background information as well as live statements from construction site visitors and reports from celebrations will also provide a "look behind the scenes".