News from 08.11.2019

Improvement of the S-Bahn service with S21

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Stuttgart 21 also includes a significant improvement in the S-Bahn service in the Stuttgart region - Mittnachtstraße S-Bahn stop connects new urban district to local public transportation

A new district for Stuttgart will be created on the current track apron, which will be freed up after the commissioning of Stuttgart 21 and the subsequent dismantling of the tracks. A total of 85 hectares will be available for future-oriented living and working directly behind the main station and embedded between the Nordbahnhofviertel, Rosensteinpark and Schlossgarten.

"The Mittnachtstraße S-Bahn station connects this new district to local public transport, and we want to use the large poster to show people what this new station will look like," explains Bernhard Bauer, Chairman of the Verein Bahnprojekt Stuttgart-Ulm e.V. "In addition, the association will be offering interested parties the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the construction site every Saturday at 2 p.m. from March 2020 onwards. Registration for this will be possible from January 2020."

"After Stuttgart 21 goes into operation, the S-Bahn lines coming from the north and east of the region will be brought together here. So anyone who wants to save time by changing between the S 1, 2 or 3 lines and the S 4, 5 or 6 lines will do so here in the future," says Dr. Nicola Schelling, regional director of the Verband Region Stuttgart. "On the one hand, this is very attractive for our customers, and on the other, it helps us to equalize commuter flows and relieve the station at the main train station of transfer traffic."

"As early as next year, we will close the gap between the Neckar Bridge and the new Mittnachtstraße stop. This will be an important milestone for local transportation in and around Stuttgart. Together with the new S-Bahn line, the stop is an example of how the needs of a region can be sensibly integrated into a complex transport project of supra-regional importance," says Christoph Lienhart, the responsible project manager at DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH.

The Mittnachtstraße station consists of a ten-meter-wide central platform. The platform extends in the longitudinal direction over 260 meters, which corresponds to the length of about two and a half soccer fields. The stop is located in an eight-meter-deep trough structure. Around 52,000 cubic meters of earth were excavated to a depth of eleven meters for the construction. Access is via a staircase with two escalators and an elevator on the north side and a staircase with escalator on the south side. The area adjacent to the stop will be changed by the new construction of the Rosenstein Quarter.

The new Mittnachtstraße stop is located parallel to Rosensteinstraße at the level of the current railway sidings, between the Nordbahnhof and the new Rosenstein district. In the future, it will be approached via the new Rosenstein tunnel from the direction of Bad Cannstatt. Coming from Nordbahnhof, the tracks will be guided in a ramp that is open at the top. In the direction of Hauptbahnhof, a new S-Bahn tunnel will be built on the western edge of the current tracks, connecting to the existing tracks at the level of the current tunnel ramp.